Who’s on a mission to maintain progress through this holiday weekend?!?

I have been on one heck of a health and fitness mission since having Baby Jack. Mostly because I am really focused on losing the baby weight so that I can get pregnant again and feel comfortable in my own skin while gaining more baby weight!

So here is my game plan for staying on track today! Who’s with me?!

1. Drink water non stop
2. Coffee and tea early in the day!
3. If you must have a drink go for vodka and a sugar free mixer and limit yourself to 1 or 2 at the end of the night! If you must have 1 glass of wine, not the bottle!
4. Stay active all day!

5. Eat all of the veggies!!
6. Do not starve yourself until you get to your party! Eat your usual meals!
7. Make it public that you are on a mission to stay on track!
8. If people get aggressive about you eating their food, tell them you’re allergic!
9. Get a good workout in first thing in the morning!13532958_10209765992968015_7937414339854600934_n
10. Take a photo of yourself this morning and remind yourself of how good you feel and are looking on your meal plan!
11. Those foods will be there when you hit your fitness goals!
12. Chew Sugar Free gum!
13. Have a taste of the foods you want, just don’t eat full servings of everything!
14. Find a diet accountability partner that will be at the party!
15. Remember you are there for the company not the food!

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