30 days side

30 days



I am very glad I snapped these photos of myself. The scale is not proof of progress! Photos and how your clothes fit YES! I have not dropped major lbs on the scale, but I can see a major change in my photos! This is 1.5 months post birth, and 1 month progress. I have followed The 21 Day Fix Extreme along with a few extra workouts throughout the week (walking the dogs, pilates and abs at night). I have followed the 21 Day Fix portions and replaced 1 meal a day with Shakeology!



This is the plan I followed when I lost my first batch of baby weight 4 years ago, and it still works for me today!
The journey continues forward as I still have some baby weight to lose this summer. I am looking for people to hold me accountable and to go through this journey with me!!



My next Summer Slim Down Challenge group will start in just 2 weeks! If you are on a mission like I am and would like the plan that I am using and would like to join me in my challenge group please fill out an application below!!

I am only taking 10 ladies so act fast!!!


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