The day I found out Jack was to have Down Syndrome, I admit I was devastated. I felt terrified and I was not sure I could handle the task of being a Mother to a special needs child. My heart broke …. but then I dug into my research, then I started to meet other children with Downs Syndrome, and I realized… sure they have special needs but whats more pronounced is that they are JUST SPECIAL ingeneral. My heart would always flutter around these children. They have the ability to make you feel welcomed, loved, warm, and important. They have a gift most people do not have and that is blind compassion and warmth. I never once felt judgement or mis understanding around these children or adults.

I quickly fell in love with this community and I grew excited for my job as Jack’s Mommy. I felt like I was called to be his Mommy and I could not wait to welcome him into the world. I wanted to show other Mommies through my Social Media following that children with Downs Syndrome are wonderful and not something to be terrified about. Sadly most pregnancies with Downs Syndrome are in fact terminated due to fear of the unknown. I wanted to help other Mommies see that this did not have to happen.

Alas, I did not get that privilege. I did not get to become Jack’s Mommy. In 2 Days (JULY 12th) I was supposed to take on this new role and have this special child in my arms. My heart breaks when I think that I will never get to live that reality. Losing Jack does not take away that special place in my heart for Children with Downs Syndrome. To honor my son I do intend to become active in the Downs Syndrome community and give back in any way that I can.

Each year my Team Beachbody Team gets dressed up for one of our special events and gets a team photo together. This year we have well over 100 Coaches on the team coming to Summit in JULY. Being that it is Jack’s due month, I decided to ask my team to wear blue and yellow for our team photo for Downs Syndrome awareness! I am so so lucky because… THEY HAPILY AGREED!!!

I am so excited to get this photo and if you are a Coach coming to summit and want to participate in this photo please feel free to rock yellow and blue and come on down after the Saturday evening Celebration to help us represent Downs Syndrome Awareness!!!


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