“I am a Mommy who loves to play toys with her kid. I love to get down on the ground and play dollies and choo choo trains. I love to do crafts, and make up fun projects.”


How many times have you heard a Mommy say that and in your mind you feel guilt because you know that is not you. How many of you Mommies out there get down to play with dolls and your mind wonders in 100 different directions and all you can do it pretend that playing toys is your priority. I know have been ashamed of this fact about me for years now, but I am coming out to all of you and in search of other Mom’s who feel the same?

When I hear “Mommy please come play dolls with me.” My little Mom heart says “awe okay.” My busy working Mom heart who just wrapped up a day with work says “Oh but I could clean, oh but I could put away laundry, oh but I could take this call.”

Yes feeling like this totally stinks. I mean we all want to be that amazing Mommy who loves to play toys, and do crafts and spend all day raising their kids, but I have come to accept that just isn’t who I am. There are one off occasions where yes, I do feel excited and in love with the idea of playing play doh, but most of the time… nope! So I am on a mission to stop the distractions from life, stop feeling like there are better things to be doing, and focus on play time, even if I would rather pluck my eye brows. I am on a mission to savor these years and appreciate these sweet moments, because when she is 15 she wont be asking me for help. She wont be asking me to play and that is sort of heart breaking don’t ya think?

I would like to know, what do you do to get into the mood of being a toddler with your toddler. Scarlett is an only child, so when its play time, I know that it’s Mommies play time. No use being miserable or board.

NO I am not ashamed to admit this and I am opening the floor up for any closet “I would rather be’s” to come out and share! Where you at!?”160_MironFamilySession

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