Workout complete, and today it was especially more challenging than usual.
Through my experience with previous bouts of Depression and Anxiety I have learned that the key is to fake it until you make it. It sounds impossible, and it sounds really challenging because it almost is. When I go through something like this I make a plan for myself. I make sure my next day is planned. I sit down with my computer and I map out my day. When going through depression none of that sounds appealing, especially the things that you have planned our for your day, but you must do it anyway. It beats the heck out of laying in your bed and hiding.
Getting around other people as much as you can, working out, starting a new project, plugging into support, plugging into as much work as you can will carry you through until the clouds part. It may take days, it may take months, it may take years, but trust your Doctors as they make the proper adjustments for you in your medication, and while that is happening FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.
Depression is real. Anxiety is real. It is a real chemical inbalance of the brain. It is a real disorder and millions of people suffer from it daily. Those who are not educated, those who do not understand that they are dealing with a disorder fall into a danger zone. That is why I try to speak out about Depression as much as I can. It helps me to cope and if I can help someone else it brings me some hope.
So if you are dealing with Depression or anxiety take it one day at a time, take it one breath at a time. Talk to you Doctor about medications for the short term or even the long term, and sit down with someone who loves you and make a game plan for you day.
For me…
Plant a garden
talk to a friend
work my business
Volunteer to work with teens with Down Syndrome (we are playing tennis together today )
Trust me, when in the throws of depression those things do not sound appealing. They in fact give you anxiety and sound over whelming, but oh well… you just need to throw yourself into it and do it. Don’t let it overwhelm you to much. If you need to take a break and just mellow out, that is fine to, but keep getting up and trying again and again. Set the example to others who are fighting this disorder every day.
If you are not someone who struggles with depression this is a great message to send to a friend in need.
You may not know it but someone very close to you could be struggling … be a friend. Show that you care. Show that you love them.13775567_10209981358312014_2437782565376061175_n

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