“Your story gave me strength. I also lost a baby in late pregnancy and it gave me courage to read your posts.”
Each and every hour while at Team Beachbody Summit a Woman would approach me and share with me that she lost a baby. My heart broke each time someone shared. I feel all to sad that so many people share this journey with me. I am also thankful for the Women in the world who are not afraid to share, who are not afraid to approach me and tell me their story… because just like I gave them strength, they give me strength too.
Being a grieving Mother is a full time job. Each day I face a new challenge. Just when I think things are getting easier, something else hits me hard.
1. Sadness
2. Anger
3. Insomnia
4. Anxiety
5. Depression (yes totally different from sadness. If you have had Depression you know… its more like hopelessness).
6. Medication changes and trying new medications.
7. The grief of having to take said medications.
These challenges can seem so overwhelming and if I had to go through it alone, I am not sure how I would survive the pain. I loved that Baby with all of my heart and soul. When I lost him I felt a piece of me die. I know I still have my little girl to be strong for, but that does not take away the extreme love and loss of my second born. I am so thankful for each and every “Thank you” “Me too” “You gave me strength” “You are not alone”. Again I am sad and angry that so many Women have to deal with this, but it really gave me courage and hope to hear everyone’s story as I walked the streets of Nashville.
Admittedly I was terrified to go to Beachbody Summit. The last thing I wanted was sad eyes looking at me. The Last thing I wanted was “I am so sorry for your loss.” But I knew I needed to be there for my team. When I got there I was greeted with compassion, understanding, and Women who could relate. For that I am thankful. I met many Rainbow Babies which filled my heart with joy and gave me hope.
I am sorry that so many of us have to be a part of this club, but I am Thankful that I am not alone.

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