If you do not believe in angel’s already, this might change your mind.

Some of you are probably wondering where I am at and what and I doing here?

In order to adopt a child from a different State you have to recieve approval from what is called ICPC- The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.

Basically North Carolina and Michigan have to both agree to Warren leaving North Carolina and entering Michigan. This is a standard procedure for anyone adopting a child from a different State. If adoption was not already very expensive most are hit with big hotel/ housing cost when waiting out the ICPC process! Eric and I had to really budget and save in order to make this adoption work in our lives (especially after the cost of our two losses in the hospital). Adopting was a huge priority for us, so we made it happen, however it was very challenging.

To be honest we were afraid that we would have to wait a bit to proceed with adopting after having lost $7,000 to the not so awesome adoption Facilitator that will remain un named (if you want to know so you can avoid making a huge mistake like we made please just private message me). When the Baby Z situation came to our attention all of the legal fees JUST met our allotted budget for adoption. If we would have had to pay for a hotel for 2-3 weeks we would have not been able to move forward with Warren! We would have had to hold off. We knew that if we absolutely had to pay for a hotel we could scrape the money together … but it would have been a challenge.

The beautiful Goddess of a Mother that is standing in the middle of us Mommies is Lindsay Chole Smith. Lindsay is the Case Manager with Colores Adoptions, the agency that was working with Warren’s Birth Mom. Without hesitation (once we were the selected family) Lindsay offered us her guest bedroom to stay in while we visit Warren in the NICU and wait out ICPC. Oh and BTW she also let us use her truck in order to get around town! OH AND she has been helping me manage taking care of Warren without Eric. Most importantly while Warren sat in the NICU and waited for his forever family to find him, Lindsay sat with him every day for 4 weeks! EVER DANG DAY she drove all the way to Levine Children’s hospital to be with our precious Warren so that he was not alone.

She and her Husband have been so welcoming and have graciously welcomed us into their family!

This type of support does not happen in every situation, in fact its pretty un heard of! That is why she is such a gem and we are so grateful for her support and generosity.

If you want to follow a kick butt Mom of 4 amazing children (get this… 3 are adopted and 1 is a miracle of a kid who is doing things no one thought he could do!) go to


I could not be more grateful and blessed to have Lindsay in our lives. She will forever be Tia Lindsay to our beloved children. She has also inspired me on so many levels! #MOMGOALS!

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