Our new and beautiful normal! Today we ventured out for a little play time at a jump house! We approached Warren’s feeding time and it was a breeze!

It is speculated that my sweet boy has a missing Corpus Callosum. With this abnormality it is common to have a misshapen or deformed larynx. Warren has struggled with aspirating when feeding from a bottle. In order to maintain his health and avoid pneumonia we are under Doctors orders to use his G TUBE!

So here we are rocking out our new normal! At first I was afraid it would be to difficult but so far it has been a breeze and we are doing great!

#warrenthewarrior #specialneedsadoption #beproudofyournormal #specialneeds #specialneedsmom #specialneedskidsrock #gtubeawareness #gtubebaby


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