So incase you were not aware, I am a top Beachbody Coach. That is how I got my start in blogging and building a following through sharing my fitness story. I will be sprinkling a bit about my fitness journey on this blog as it is a big part of who I am. I hope that whatever I share with you will only inspire you to make the changes in your life that you desire. I am just here trying to make a difference!

One angry Mama
2 failed pregnancies
2 years of being pregnant
A massive storm of negative self talk
Professional Frustrations
a brand new baby
a spirited 5 year old

So why am I angry? Well wouldn’t you if you felt like so much of what you have worked for has fallen by the waist side? My fitness (rightfully so) has been the least of my concern in the last 2 years. It used to be my passion, my therapy, my release. It used to be my main hobby and something that I would never let go of. Cut to 2 years later and I have completely let that go. So yes I am angry, but I am angry in a good way! Sometimes it takes anger to make a massive change. I am taking one final look at my body … because it is the last time it will look and feel the way it does.

My body has been 180 LBS, 160LBS, 150 LBS, back up to 180 LBS back down to 160 LBS… My body has taken a beating and my strength and endurance is back to where it was before I ever started in fitness. So yes I am angry… but I have a choice! I can give up and walk away from his fit life I so desire… (I mean heck, its easier just to ignore that that lifestyle exists) or I can draw a line in the sand and say that my bad habits stop right here.

I am angry and I am going to do something about it. So I am saying good bye to the bad habits and saying hello to the new, fit, happy, healthy Mom I am desiring to be.

This week I kick off my total body makeover! I will be diving into the shop with my trainer Chris Downing. We are going to kill it with a 9 week journey to the improved version of myself.

So say BYE BYE EVERYONE! Anita 2.0 is coming!


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