I just heard the news about Linkin Park’s front man Chester Bennington. I was a fan of Linkin Park growing up and followed Chester’s career. I was not a major fan by any means but he influenced so many who make amazing music today. What an incredible talent.

I just had to take a moment and share my thoughts.
Before anyone passes judgement, calls this man selfish or brushes this tragedy under the rug I want you to know that Depression and Anxiety is a real condition that can lead anyone to believe their life is not worth living anymore. Depression is the only condition that lies to you and tells you that there is no way out. Depression is the only ailment that lies to you and tells you that people do not love you. That decision he made was full of pain, fear, lies, and a heavy heavy heart. To make that decision involves someone not being able to take another breath without it physically hurting. I am in no way saying that what he did was okay, but you must take a moment and put yourself in the position of someone in that much pain…

As someone who has personally dealt with anxiety, depression and a history of substance abuse I know what that sort of pain feels like. I have never gotten close to making that decision and following through with it, but I have been in enough pain where I would be able to understand his suffering and understand why he would believe his life was not worth living anymore.

This man had 6 children and a world of people who admired him. He had fame, fortune, success and abundance of love. It is clear that this man’s decision was fueled by the lies of depression, internal anguish, and years and years of epic pain. Just listen to his lyrics, he has been suffering for many years.

I spend a lot of my time in Depression peer support. It is one of my passions. I know the pain Depression brings and it takes someone who has been there to even grasp that pain. Depression is the only physical ailment that you cannot see deteriorating someone. Depression can drive a person into the ground and no one would ever know. It is clear that Chest was driven to a point of no return. The pain of his existence got to be to much. Should he have made that decision? Absolutely not! If Depression was more acknowledged and understood by the world, perhaps Chester would have sought help rather than end his life?

Depression will stop you and tell you you cannot get better. If someone does not understand the lies of depression and that it is infact something you can put into remission they might make a decision to find help rather than end their lives.

Depression is real and its painful. My heart explodes for Chester’s family and as I wipe my tears from my eyes I send my love to Chester’s soul. I hope he has found some peace. I know you might think he may not deserve it because of the pain he caused his family, but you have to know that someone has to be in one terrible painful place to give up like he did. Chester wherever you are my heart breaks for you. I wish I knew you and that I could stop and hug you and lead and guide you to help. It is to bad someone didn’t stop you and guide you to the truth.

Chester you are loved and you are not alone. There are millions of people battling depression and as a survivor I tell you… I’m sorry this happened to you.

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